Work and living

Braunschweig: the lion city.

Wentronic is from Braunschweig. We are operating internationally but nevertheless feel closely connected with our home region. We find that life in the city of lions offers very special attractions, especially for newcomers or those who are still thinking about it. Besides unique buildings and green squares, Braunschweig has a lively city centre with many shopping facilities, restaurants, bars and cultural offers. The city is divided by the river Oker and especially in summer there are countless activities on and in the water. There are places of interest, such as the cathedral, the Burgplatz or the traditional Magni Quarter and last but not least you can live very nicely in and around Braunschweig – by the way, at prices you can only dream of elsewhere. Braunschweig is also centrally located between Wolfsburg, Hannover and Berlin.

Still not convinced? Then ask Till Raether what he thinks about Braunschweig and how he found his perfect „Plan B” here. Read here (only in German).

Hong Kong: The fragrant harbour.

Wentronic has been operating its own office in the metropolis on the south coast of the People’s Republic of China since 2005. With over seven million inhabitants in a relatively small area, Hong Kong is one of the most important economic and financial sectors in the world. Unlike on the mainland, the Chinese inhabitants speak mainly Cantonese, and are joined by many international businessmen, workers and, of course, droves of tourists. For Wentronic, China is the largest procurement market and we are represented by more than 20 colleagues in the city as well as in Shenzhen, the metropolis directly opposite. Our third office is located in Ningbo on the east coast of the country, not far from Shanghai. Many colleagues, including trainees, get to know China once or even regularly while working for us.

Brisbane: We love down under!

Since 2017, Wentronic has been a major shareholder of the Australian Cellnet Group Ltd., headquartered in Brisbane, capital of the state of Queensland in northeastern Australia. Although the two companies are managed relatively independently of each other, we belong to the same group of companies and have since then ensured a constant exchange of know-how with our colleagues from Down Under, as well as the creation of synergy effects. The location of the city of over a million inhabitants directly by the sea and the proverbial phenomenal quality of life make Brisbane one of the places with the best work-life balance in the world. From there, by the way, it is not far to Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand, where Cellnet has its second location in the region.